Anoushka Dabholkar

Runs a concierge company, and works on social media representation and party promotion

Q How much have you actually thought about the colour of your skin?
A Quite a lot in terms of observation, never negatively.


Q Were you ever subject to “colorism” – any sort of discrimination or singling out as the result of your skin colour? At school, or as a child?
A Very little at school – like being called “fat” or “ugly”. Never as an adult, until coming to India where people with fair skin are given greater reverence, even by the educated and the well-travelled. I was not treated badly but those with fair skin were treated disproportionately better.


Q Do you feel like there’s still a hierarchy of beauty based on skin shades?
A Yes, particularly in India where no laws are in place to prevent it.


Q Ever been on the receiving end of ways to lighten your skin?
A Yes, when getting a facial I noticed I was given a bleaching treatment without my consent. Having worked on my tan, I was very upset!


Q Your prediction: is this obsession with fair skin is going to wane?
A No, not anytime soon.