Amrita Mahindroo

Associate producer at Bootpolissh films

Q How much have you actually thought about the colour of your skin?
A Not very much. I actually like it quite a bit.


Q Were you ever subject to “colorism” – any sort of discrimination or singling out as the result of your skin colour? At school, or as a child?
A Very rarely. There are a few aunts who still believe that “the fairer you are the more beautiful you look” and of course the odd friend who enjoys joking about tanned or dark skin.


Q Do you feel like there’s still a hierarchy of beauty based on skin shades?
A For the most part. Although, a lot of people seem to be coming around to the idea that the dark skinned can also be pretty.


Q Ever been on the receiving end of ways to lighten your skin?
A All the time. Aside from my comparatively dark skin, I also have a tan thanks to going swimming. So whether at home or in parlours, I’m constantly getting free consultations on how to lighten my tan and look fairer.


Q Your prediction: is this obsession with fair skin is going to wane?
A Yes, I think we have already started progressing in that direction, though it’s a long way off before we actually get there.